Create Quality Content

Four Dimensions of Employee Engagement: Content

Finding your online customers is only a small part of the battle to increase online sales. You’ve got to create a site that will engage your visitors once they find you online. What worked in the early days of the internet just doesn’t cut it anymore. Successful online marketing campaigns begin and end with web visitor satisfaction with your website, blog, social media page(s), etc.

Frequently refreshed and new, well-written content that addresses your prospects’ concerns and provides some type of value to your online prospects builds confidence in your brand and boosts your conversion rates. This in turn will increase your site’s ranking, increasing the number of visitors … you get the idea.

Give Visitors Something Valuable

Four Dimensions of Employee Engagement: Value Proposition

Web users will visit your online site to get information, review your offerings, learn about your company and to make themselves feel secure about trusting their needs to you.

Provide referrals, quality information that demonstrates that you know your stuff. Give them case studies and lure them in with tidbits of information that show them that your company is the best one to meet their needs.

Ask your visitors to join your newsletter subscription, email list or download your eBook — but make sure that you give them quality offerings and not spam and NEVER sell their data. The damage that it will do to the trust is not worth it. Only ask for the minimum information that you need — limited to their name and email address, ideally. They’ll give you the rest of their information when they become customers.

Ask for Referrals

At the bottom of your communications invite your prospects to share your information with someone else they know who may need it. That’s probably the best test of the value your information has. Your web visitors will let you know by how frequently they share it.

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